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Fon General Hospital
Karachi Urology Centre

Opp,Aziz Bhatti Park,C-130,Block-9,

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Fon General Hospital
Karachi Urology Centre

Name of Director: Dr.Mastansir.D.Jhaveri
Name of Administrator: Dr.Rub-ul-Amin

Telephone: 021-4989192-5,4971018



Name of Founder Dr.Banoo and Mustansir Jhaveri
Established Since (year) 1984

The FON General HOSPITAL is a 50 bed full fledged Hospital located just across the pleasing and serene atmosphere of Aziz Bhati Park in Block 9 of Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The Hospital provides all types of Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics and Paediatrics inpatient and outpatient services.

The name FON was dedicated to the children of the Founders of the Hospital Dr.Banoo and Mustansir Jhaveri; F for Faiyaaz, O for Onaiza and N for Naaznin. Dr. Faiyaaz is a graduate of University of Oregon Health Sciences Centre, Portland, Oregon, USA and after completing his Residency in Urology at Chapel Hills University, North Carolina, USA and Fellowship in Urologic Oncology at prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, he is now practicing Urology at Urology Health Care of Central Florida. Dr.Onaiza graduated from University of Tufts, Boston, USA and after completing Residency in Dentistry at University of Oregon Dental School, Portland, Oregon, she is now practicing Dental Surgery in Portland, Maine, USA. Dr.Naaznin graduated from Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan and after completing Residency in Internal Medicine at Deaconess Hospital (Harvard School of Medicine), she is now doing her Fellowship in Endocrinology at famous Lahey Clinic in Boston, USA.

ttached to FON General HOSPITAL, The KARACHI UROLOGY CENTRE, the first of its kind in private sector in Karachi in the field of Nephro-urology was established by Dr.Mustansir D.Jhaveri in the year 1985. The Hospital was equipped with the latest and sophisticated instruments to carry out all types of paediatric and adult endourological procedures. For the first time in private sector, eight bed Haemodialysis unit furnished with the latest dialysis machines and reverse Osmosis Water purification Plan for added safety and efficiency of both acetate and bicarb Haemodialysis was incorporated to treat Chronic Renal Failure patients along with other Urology services. The most significant addition to the armamentarium of Urology is Lithotripsy Unit with The State of The Art most advanced LITHOTRIPTER for the treatment of Kidney and ureteric stones without surgery.

Over the years The Hospital facilities were expanded to develop Neonatal Intensive care Unit with six Incubators, Eight beds Intensive Care Unit / Coronary Care Unit equipped with cardiac/Blood pressure Monitors and oximeters, Central Oxygen/suction devices and state of the art Respirator. The diagnostic facilities were also expanded with full-fledged Laboratory, Ultrasound and Radiology departments. The Laboratory was named Madam Bilquis Memorial Laboratory after Laboratory Supervisor Madam Bilquis passed away in 1996.

The Hospital receives no Zakat Funds or Donations and yet it has managed to provide excellent health care at the minimum cost in spite of great financial burden. To keep up with the modern technology and the state of the art medical equipment, it is becoming increasingly difficult financially. However, founders of the Hospital are committed to keep the services of the hospital going for the benefit of the community at large.



Head of CCU unit is Cardiologist Prof./Dr.Zahid Rashid. The CCU is fully furnished with cardiac monitors, Blood pressure monitors and Defibrillator

ETT machine is the latest State of the art fully computerized machine which gives out precise and accurate print out during all stages of ETT .


Intensive Care Unit:
ICU is equipped with Central Oxygen, Central Suction device, Life saving monitors including State of The Art Respirators.

Laboratory is fully furnished to carry out all types of Hematology, Serology, Biochemistry and Microbiology Tests. Histopatholgy unit is also Attached to Laboratory

Training is provided to Nurse's Aids and to other paramedical nursing Services.

Hospital provides Emergency Medical services 24 Hours a day and 365 Days a year. Hospital also provides out Patient Clinics for Paediatrics General Medicine, Cardiology, Diabetes, Psychiatry, Obsterics, Gaynaecology, Nephro-Urology, ENT & Orthopedics.

Available 'on call' basis

Radiography (X-Ray)
X-Ray department is furnished with 500 MA Hitachi X-ray machine Capable of performing all types of x-ray imaging including flouroscopy In lying down and standing position. The department is also furnished With back up USA Universal X-ray machine and Toshiba Portable X-Ray machine.

Ultrasound Unit is furnished with latest Toshiba machines with varieties Ultrasound probes including Trans vaginal and Transrectal probes to perform all types of adult, paediatric and neonatal sonography.

Eight bed Haemodialysis unit is one of the best Dialysis Unit in private Sector furnished with latest machines and Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plan and Renopak for Bicarb Haemodialysis. It is supervised by Specialists and highly trained technicians.

It is furnished with The State of art, most modern/most advanced LITHOTRIPTER for the management of Kidney Stones without surgery by means of ESWL therapy at an affordable price.











































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