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Students at the Sports Coaching Centre

Profile An Introduction to Kindergarten System: Dr Fredrich Froebel, a German educator was the founder of the Kindergarten and one of the most influential educational reformers of the 19th century. The school has been named as Froebel's as it follows Froebel's educational system. Froebel's most important contribution to educational theory was his belief in "self-activity" and play as essential factors in child education. The teacher's role was not to drill or in doctrine the children but rather to encourage their self-expression through play, both individually and in group activites. That is what The Froebel's School curriculum is based on to educate the child through self-activity. The child is to begin with what he can grasp easily. But the child must also begin with that which is attractive to him. This helps the child to lead forward, develop all his powers and makes him the master of himself. The mind grows by self-revelation, in play the child ascertains what he can do, and discovers his possibilities of will and thought by exerting his power spontaneously.Froebel's self-activity is necessarily coupled with joy on the part of tne child. To him joy is the inward reaction of self-activity. The kindergarten system invented by Froebel is an efficient means for securing the development of the child between the ages of three and six years - a period when the child is not yet ready for the conventional studies of school - a period when he is not mature enough to work and when there is no temptation on the part of the parent to employ him at any labour. Thus Froebel's invention is the happiest educational means for his symbolic approach of infancy. Froebel's system aims at developing the whole man, whose inner being is established between true insights and true religiousness as its poles. Every pupil is unfold from his own inner life, and is to become in the severe consciousness of his own power what his power may enable him to, become. The Froebel's has been set up with the aim to provide a firm foundation for our students' lives that will benefit and guide them in their future endeavour efforts to make this world a better place.

Affiliation :

G.C.E. Cambridge.

Principal's Message:
The Froebel's School since its inception in 1998 has been an advocate of the child - "Children are our top priority", everything at Froebel's is planned with the child in mind and utmost care is taken of these children.
At Froebel's our goal is to prepare our students for life. It is to provide them with an excellent, well blended, wholesome learning process in a congenial environment. As a result of which students feel more close to each other and the school.
Inorder to ensure significant growth in all aspects we organise and interrelate curricular and co curricular activities and try to maintain a balance of both, because we believe that the overall results of our teaching here at Froebel's should be a deeper and comprehensive development of the child's whole personality. Therefore we strengthen what we teach.
We have a professional, dedicated and highly committed faculty with good facilities and resources, which are well organised and have a friendly and busy atmosphere. We exist to foster learning to inculcate in our students the qualities and essence of a true muslim and seek to encourage self awareness, tolerance and a valued sense of social living. We are proud of our achievement in the first three years of the school and profoundly thank God for the good name and prosperity we have managed to gain that has enabled us to reach a place from where we are on the way to become a learning - enriched school. Good education is probably the most valuable investment you make for your child. We extend a warm welcome to everyone who wishes to visit us. No matter what you are looking for we are confident we have something for you worth visiting.

Eisha Rehman

The Beginning:
The 1998-1999 academic year started w.e.f August 7th, 1998 with a kindergarten, primary and lower secondary English medium school which by the grace of God has been gradually upgraded to a full fledged G.C.E Cambridge O'level School.
The kindergarten system is based on Froebel's philosophy of "Activity based learning" and consists of Level-1, Level-11 and Level-Ill. Children are admitted from the age of 2 1/2 years onwards. The primary school has classes 1 to class V whereas the lower secondary has class VI to VIII and the age limit required for these classes is 6 years to 12 years. The secondary school has been gradually upgraded to 10th O'levels. The complete setup has been designed to support the colourful educational environment, which facilitates learning in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Admission to the Froebel's School is selective. Dedicated and intellectual students are admitted. Admissions are based on prior academic records and admission tests and an interview with the parents and child.

Person to contact for :
Mr. Rehan Azhar Qureshi

Education System :

Medium of Instruction :

Category :
Primary, Secondary, O-Level.

Average Class Strength :
20 Students.

Admission Period :
March - April, July - August

Office Timing :
08:15 AM - 03:00 PM

Prerequisites for Admission :
- Birth certificate copy only.
- Leaving certificate from the previous school.

Working Days

K.G & Jr Section Monday - Friday
Senior & O'levels Monday - Saturday

The timings are as follow

K.G 08:15-12:20
Jr / Sr 08:15-01:50

Bus Routes :
Contracted transport available for adjacent areas.


Our activity based curriculum includes learning through "Topic work". This topic work takes into account several areas of the curriculum. It involves active learning (field trips, experiments, surveys, problem solving and research) rather than text book learning. This not only encourages learning in groups or pairs but the methods involved are so interesting and enjoyable that it aids the learning process and maintains the learner's interest. The students in the senior classes are similarly involved in more research based study alongwith the students in the kindergarten and Junior level. The outcome is often in the form of reports, presentations, scrap books, models or displays.
Each grades activity is dictated by the curricula integrated teaching programme. Other co-curricular activites include the monthly student Newsletter, Assembly presentations, activity day, Debates and Field trips etc.

Sport :
Wednesday and Thursday are the sports day at school. The school is the member of National Sports Coaching Centre where the students enjoy all sports activities under the supervision of their sports teacher. Seperately in groups for girls on Wednesday and boys on Thursday. Friday is the day for swimming and Art classes. First half of the day is for the boys swimming classes and the second half for the girls. The time tables for seperate classes for boys & girls is specially designed keeping in view the need & interest of each sex and above all the religious values of the Pakistani Society.

Music and Clay modelling:
These classes are held on twice a week basis at the kindergarten and Junior school level which are thoroughly enjoyed by the chidren.


Main Campus
G-4/C Block-17
Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.
Phone: (92) 021-4970935





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