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Irqra Ummul Kitab means summary of Holly Quran with the belief that is the last Book & Muhammad ( Peace-be-up-onhim ) is our last prophet. Leading our life is accordance with the,Sunait-e-Rassool is important for the student's character building not only an initial level but also during the later stages of life.
The unique feature of the school is that it provides not only religious education but keeps the student abreast with the latest education as well.Our school is registered with the Matric Board and also affiliated with Iqra ( Rozatul Atfal ).

Principal's Message :

When you start to educate your child,choose to impart the knowledge of Quran.In Pakistan, the first institute where your child should be placed, where he/she is able to practice the knowledge of Quran,in our school.The Islamic education in its real sence by far enhances the conduct and character of a person. In achieving the desired objectives and goals of importing round knowledge and education to children,we strive constantly and continuously to the best of our abilities and resources.


Affiliation :
Matric Board & Iqra Roza-tul-Atfal.

Category :

Medium of Instructor :


Person to contact for :
1) Mowlana Irfan Hussain Siddquie
2) Obaid Ullah Adil

Admission Period :
Islamic year Shawal to Zilhaj

Office Timing :
09:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Prerequisites for Admission :
Aptitude test & interview.


1) Department of Roza
2) Department of Nazra
3) Department of Quaida
4) Department of Thafuzul Quran

1) Irfan Hussain Siddiqui
M.A Islamic studies & Arabic
10 year expedience in education iqra

2) Erum Farhan
3 year experience in montessori

3) Miss Bilquis Akhter
Position holder Jamiet-Jaleen-ul-Quran

4) Miss Zeeba Jalat
3 year experience in montessori training

School transport available.

Ethical and moral training of students for Islamic & societic point of view.

The shifts are as follows :
Montessori timing 08:30 AM to 12:30 AM
Quida timing 08:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Hifz timing 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM


Mowlana Irfan Hussain Siddquie
273 Block-3 Bahadur Yar Jang Society
Street 14.Bahadurabadafar Road,Karachi.

Phone: 0320-4330945



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